Mature know-how

Nidegro’s specific knowledge of commodities has increased sharply over the years through contact with and the processing of many different products. The growth of this product know-how has been accompanied by a parallel growth in the diversity of the product range; Nidegro nowadays enjoys an excellent reputation as a specialised supplier of spices, coffee, cocoa products, tea, nuts and dried fruit.

Not just trading
Nidegro’s reputation has a sound basis. As a professional trading company we are able to offer our business partners a wide selection from a large and diverse assortment of types and qualities. Our trading and the full range of services which we suply are enhanced by an up to date office, equipped with modern communication technology and supported by an custom built commodity trade software program.

A member of
  • Dutch Association of Spice Traders
  • International General Produce Association
  • The Netherlands Coffee Circle
  • Dutch Association of Tea Importers
  • Dutch Association of Nut and Dried Fruit Traders
  • Federation of Grain, Seed and Pulses Traders