Nidegro’s team’s extensive product and up-grading knowledge can be called upon to fully meet ”the most specific wishes, needs and standards of the customer in relation to a product supply”. Supported by Nidegro’s own, extensive machinery, solutions can be found which may not have existed previously.

Flexibility and inventiveness are the hallmarks of Nidegro. This aspect can also be found in our ”contract work”: the mixing of blends. The bulking, bagging and cleaning of tea, coffee and cocoa. And likewise for all types of seeds and other raw materials for the Bakery industry and other foodstuff industries.

In contract work we can offer the following services:

  • Reconditioning damaged commodities like coffee, spices, tea, cocoa and seeds
  • Cleaning commodities on foreign material til 99,9% purity
  • Re-bagging commodities, from big ro small and from small to big
  • Colour-sorting service for all kind of commodities
  • Grading on size and wieght
  • Blending commodities to get a homogene lot
  • Bonded warehousing, so all the services can be done in transit
  • Transport and custom services

All operations performed on behalf of our clients are carried out discretely. In the near future they will also be carried out under the HACCP certificate.
The certification / implementation is currently in the hands of the Quality Assurance Bureau and is now nearing completion.

Sara lee/Douwe Egberts - Joure - The Netherlands
Mr. S. Vermaning Claim manager - phone: +31-0513-488425