Nidegro, Increasingly sought after

Welcome to Nidegro International Trading Company (Holland) BV in Rotterdam the Netherlands. After almost 45 years in the business, many companies in the trade have become well acquainted with Nidegro. Founded in 1974, the company was originally based in the north of Holland, dealing mainly in seeds and pulses. This developed over the years, and since the eighties Nidegro has been providing a full range of soft commodities for his clients and after 45 years still a family owned company. Nowadays we are based in the main port of Europe, Rotterdam. 


Nidegro's specific knowledge of soft commdities has increased sharply over the years through contact with and the processing of many different products. Nidegro enjoys an excellent reputation as a specialised trader and importer of spices, raw coffee, cocoa products, tea, nuts, dried fruit, seeds, pulses and some FMCG. 


What we offer to our clients we also offer to our suppliers with which we maintain a long lasting relationship. The backbone of Nidegro's range and knowdledge is based on an extensive network of suppliers in the numerous countries of origin. With some of the suppliers we already have a familiar relationship of 25 years and over.


Jut try us out, being fair and square results in still being there after 45 years.

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Nidegro’s team’s extensive product and up-grading knowledge can be called upon to fully meet ”the most specific wishes, needs and standards of the customer in relation to a product supply”.

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