Soft commodities

Nidegro is trading soft commodities in the broadest sense. We purchase around the world and we sell around the world. Most preferable with our long lasting partners, suppliers, clients and our logistical partners. Products like: Raw coffee, cocoa beans, cocoa liquor/mass, cocoa butter, cocoa powder, chocolate and cocoa waste, spices and herbs, nuts and dried fruit, pulses, oil seeds, FMCG like confectionary, canned food and occasionally machinery for the food industry. These products we know for many years, we know the in's and out's, we can recognize quality from less quality and furthermore we will not see a dried prune for a big raisin (true story)

On our journeys we just stepped into an airplane or our car and forgot to bring a plan, no fear, we just went. We went to Nigeria looking for good dried ginger, we went to the USA to buy cocoa beans and coffee lying in big warehouses over there. In Guinee Bissau we sold containers of marmelade, In Ivory Coast we bought already raw cashew nuts 25 years ago and sold it to India. In Europe we drove in one day to Hamburg or Le Havre, just to see and inspect one parcel of coffee and drove back to Holland the same day. Going to Antwerp was a weekly trip, it was close by. We went to Pakistan and Afghanistan in order to buy apricot kernels, walnuts, melon seeds, poppy seed, etc, etc or we sold chick peas or USA walnuts over there. In Thailand we buy cane sugar and also bought coffee there. In Indonesia and Sri Lanka or India we bought and buy spices. In Sri Lanka we produced them. In South America we sold and sell our cocoa powder, in the Middle East we do the same. In Belgium we bought a whole spice grinding factory and we sold it again to Morocco. In Australia we bought a solar dryer for Sri Lanka. From China we already import Bitter and sweet apricot kernels for a long time,  now we even export to them. The world is getting smaller but the trade stays the same and lucky enough our partners also stay the same, long lasting is what we prefer, good friends and family.


Soft commodity products

Nidegro’s team’s extensive product and up-grading knowledge can be called upon to fully meet ”the most specific wishes, needs and standards of the customer in relation to a product supply”.

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