Closeout division

Salvage recovery around the world

Nidegro has a long history (since 1974) of marine salvage recovery around the world, where we have long experience in the whole of Europe, Eastern Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, Asia, South East Asia, Middle East and South America. It concerns purchase of salvage parcels, recovery and reconditioning. Majority of the products we purchase around the world are the so called soft commodities. We work with marine salvage surveyors, insurance companies, specialized auctions, partner traders, warehouses and other logistic companies, factories, etc.

- Raw coffee beans - cocoa beans and related other cocoa products like mass, butter, powder, nibs, cake and chocolate - raw spices - edible nuts - dried fruit - peanuts - pulses - oil seeds - spice seeds - herbs - tea and FMCG products like canned food items or dried items like pasta and confectionary.

Our Closeout Division works with manufacturers marketing residual raw ingredients and food products. We purchase products that are available due to a surplus, marine salvage, discontinued items, close dated or did not meet intended specifications. We market products with complete discretion and confidentiality. Because of our experience and established customer base we can successfully market your need to sell items to outlets that will not interfere with normal distribution. Feed is not part of our portfolio.

We take title to the inventories and we have our own logistics department that handles all shipments, road transport and customs formalities.

In Holland we work with the following labaratories: Nofalab BV Schiedam - Agrolab Dr. Verwey Rotterdam and Vereenigde Laboratoria Drs. W.H. Nagel B.V. Amsterdam.

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Nidegro’s team’s extensive product and up-grading knowledge can be called upon to fully meet ”the most specific wishes, needs and standards of the customer in relation to a product supply”.

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