Transport and customs services

service for all kind of commodities

Nidegro's logistical team can also take care of all your road and sea transport. We can go or went already all over the world in order to collect or deliver our or your goods. We have the knowledge and the will to go far. With the help of our long lasting relation with our customs broker we can also provide services for making T1 document, EX-A export declarations, Customs clearance, both conventional or as fiscal representative. We can provide phytosanitary certificates, certificates of origin, health certificates, etc, etc. Just ask and we will find out what is possible or not. And in our opinion, a lot is possible, as long as one is not accepting "not possible" too quick.


NCTS code is: NL000510
Our EORI nr: NL003233509

Nidegro is an AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) certified company. Officialy certified by Dutch customs.


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Nidegro’s team’s extensive product and up-grading knowledge can be called upon to fully meet ”the most specific wishes, needs and standards of the customer in relation to a product supply”.

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